1. How can Milledgeville Cares help me?
We can refer you to agencies whose primary purpose it is to help people like you. Sometimes, we can get help from volunteers in the community who may be willing to help you. We provide information about ways to save money, and we supply our whole community a directory of agencies and churches that provide help.

2. Can you give me money or pay my bills?
Sometimes we have funding to make personal donations, but not always. We are volunteers with no agency providing funding for us.

3.Why did you refer me to an agency that won’t help me?
Every agency has regulations about the number of times a person can receive help and the “cap” amount one can receive. Sometimes other criteria that must be met. We do not know your history and if you qualify for help. In addition, we have no knowledge of availability of funding of other agencies. Some agencies depend on government grants that are funded periodically throughout the year, and we are not aware of when funds are received. In addition, there have been many, many more requests for funds from these agencies, so there is not enough money to meet the needs.

4. Why don’t churches help me more?
Because of the economic situation, donations are down in churches, as well. Some church employees have experienced lay-offs, furlough days, reduced hours, pay cuts; and, in addition, they are forced to pay increased prices to provide for their own needs, so they have less to share with others.

5. What other services does Milledgeville Cares provide?
We are the hub of communication, through e-mailing and social media posts. We meet with ministers periodically to learn about mission projects that are available.

6. Where is your office?
620 S. Charlton St. at Church Central on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

7. How can I help Milledgeville Cares?
Office volunteers are needed to work for a while on Tuesdays, and because of the financial needs of maintaining an office and other miscellaneous expenses, we need funding. Please send contributions to Milledgeville Cares, Inc. to P.O. Box 754, Hardwick, GA 31034. You may contact us for more information at 457-5311.

8. How can I find out more about Charity Tracker and what it does?
Call Louise Sallstrom at 478-457-5311 or go to www.charitytracker.com.


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