About Us

The Fundamental Goals Of Milledgeville Cares Are:

  • Provide a crisis hotline for the general public – 211.
  • List and publicize to the community, through a directory that is updated regularly, the agencies and faith-based organizations that provide goods, services, emotional support, and information needed by individuals living in crisis.
  • Communicate, through various media, the efforts of all organizations whose work it is to contribute goods, services, emotional support, and information necessary for living a satisfying and healthy life.
  • Maintain accurate records of recipients including dates and all other pertinent information, and share collaboratively in order to equitably serve all.
  • Provide emotional support through compassionate listening as volunteers maintain regular office hours.
  • Publicize those organizations that offer informational sessions as needed.
  • Refer those in need to agencies that fund those who are unable to pay for basic necessities such as rent, utilities, child care, transportation, etc.