• Milledgeville Cares, Inc. is deeply concerned about those who are hungry, homeless, and/or facing huge bills that cannot be paid due to job loss or cut-backs at work.
  • We are making links among all organizations in Milledgeville that serve those among us who are most in need.
  • Although we cannot provide direct assistance at times, we can make referrals to those who may have the means to help and we can provide other services that benefit the recipient.
  • Sometimes we make referrals to sources that cannot provide assistance for the following reasons:
    1.         Organizations rely directly on volunteer donations and/or grant money, and there is only a limited amount of funding available.
    2.         Grant money is received periodically throughout the year, so sometimes no money is available for a few days or weeks.
    3.         Volunteer giving is down in churches due to the economic downturn, and they have to pay their own expenses first.
    4.         The numbers of those who are in need has grown tremendously; more people are asking for funding, so there is less to "go around".
    5.         People, in general, do not know or understand the needs of many, many people in our community; therefore, they do not share.
  • Milledgeville Cares, Inc. is committed to publicizing needs as they arise.
  • We host meetings of service agencies, faith-based institutions, and other non-profits that have similar goals in order to coordinate efforts and avoid duplication of services, when possible.
  • We receive information from United Way and other agencies that we publicize to everyone through e-mail and Charity Tracker announcements.
  • Healthy Living for Families – We are hoping to relieve the stress on single mothers by providing for them a support network of women who are in a similar circumstance. Knowledge of how to provide quick, easy meals, which will allow more quality time with children, how to save time and money, as well as other parenting tips will be discussed.
  • Financial Fitness for Life - We are collaborating with GC&SU to provide discussions in 4-6 sessions on how to manage money wisely. Call 457-5311 for more information on this project.